Why a journal?

We have some pillars and several key achievements that empower us to take this challenge.

The extraordinary opening since the early 90s of the new field of the collaborative management strategy for the Efficient Consumer Response started from the Supply Chain Management philosophy in FMCG. The extraordinary development of tools, techniques and best management practices in SCM, FMCG and retail industries, spread after 2000 to other areas such as defense industry, automotive industry and other industries. The development of collaborative management practices (SCM) has been supported by the strongest consulting firms worldwide that have developed: CRM, SRM, ERP, e-Business, RFID & EPC technologies and many other such new concepts.

Academia began, after 2000, to organize symposiums and conferences on this area. In the same period, conferences in logistics turned into SCM conferences.

The work performed by the ECR Department focused on supporting scientific material disseminated and its own applications to various national and international scientific events, the organization and the sustainment with news of the website www.ecr-uvt.ro and, most importantly the organization and implementation the three symposiums (2005, 2006, 2009)- ECR Academic Partnership Romania. The Faculty of Economic Sciences introduced new university courses such as SCM, CRM and Category Management, since the academic year 2003-2004.

These and many other factors lead to a maturity, after 2010, when it was organized the “Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response Conference (SCM 4 ECR)”, which expanded from the previous through the participation of many academics from Romania and abroad, and consulting firms.

It is really important that we start with a very strong, professional Editorial Board team, ambitious to publish the best papers in SCM.

The magazine has been published since 2010.

The first number of a year appears in June, is identified as summer number and has orange-colored covers; the second number appears in December of each year and is identified as the number of winter and the covers are blue.