Europejski Niezależny Instytut Globalnych Myśli Autokreatywnych

Dagmara BUBEL


Czestochowa University of Technology


The non-profit organizations as far as their definition, operate regardless to profits, which is not synonymous with the fact that they do not make the profits. It is worth noticing that in case of non-profit organizations, contrary to business sector organizations, their fundamental source of income is derived from donators and is used as an investment in self-development. The relationship with the donators is recognized to be the crucial factor as far as the development of non-profit sector. Achieving the objectives is dependent on the number of donators, sponsors, as well as the volunteers. They contribute a prominent data, and the one requires precise organization as well as coordination.

In the submitted publication the possibility of the implementation of CRM system in non- profit sector will be discussed as well as its influence on the development of this type of organizations.


non- profit organizations, logistics, CRM, non- profit sector, customer relationship management

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