Dagmara BUBEL


Magdalena CICHOŃ

Czestochowa University of Technology

ING Bank Śląski SA
Czestochowa Poland


The banking services market is growing more and more dynamically, which makes it increasingly difficult to achieve a lasting competitive advantage. Maintaining regular contacts with clients is one of the most important factors determining the victory on the difficult market of banking services. As shown in the article, logistics is an essential binder connecting the banking system with the implementation of customer needs in the banking service. A significant role in the whole system is the way of managing relations towards the client as well as to the bank employee. The multiplicity of contact channels significantly improves the possibility of implementing many processes related to the banking service. In turn, a large number of efficient distribution channels affect the management of customer relationships and the perception of the bank by their clients. The aim of the article is to discuss the logistics process in banking services and their interdependencies and to show how to manage the relationships that occur in the bank.


logistics, bank, customer, management, system

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