Czestochowa University of Technology
Faculty of Management


The construction materials market is characterized by the specificity of its products and the high seasonality of sales associated with it. Bearing in mind the essence of logistics, which is the delivery of the right product, in the right quantity, to the right customer, at the right time and place and in the state consistent with the order, seasonality disturbs the proper implementation of logistics processes.

Due to the seasonality of sales of construction products, logistics in units dealing with them should be organized in a way that takes into account seasonal fluctuations.

The purpose of this article is to indicate the phenomenon of seasonality in the sale of construction materials and analysis of the possibilities that will allow the correct organization of logistics processes taking into account this seasonality.

The study was prepared based on the analysis of the sales process of construction materials in the X market. The sales seasonality index was used, illustrating the fluctuations in demand and supply in individual months.

On this basis, the market of building materials was analyzed and the ways of organizing logistics processes were indicated in such a way that the seasonality was used as an opportunity and not as a threat.


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