Iliuță Costel NEGRICEA

Tudor EDU

Romanian-American University, Bucharest


A Content Management System (CMS) platform is absolutely necessary at present for any online business endeavour as it allows for easy, fast and reliable resource management. A CMS platform can act as an infrastructure/environment for many types of applications, beginning with simple presentation websites, continuing with product galleries and online shops and concluding with complex applications such as Intranet solutions or even market places. Content Management Solution platforms have modular structures, each module providing different functionalities, suitable examples being content management, databases, Search Engine Optimisation, section links, application search engine, interaction tools, newsletter services, different access levels and document management. A CMS solution developed and tailored to the peculiarities of a particular online business renders significant security and functional advantages. In this regard, a B2B online platform developed for selling stationery is presented. Conclusions and managerial implications are detailed.


Content Management Systems, Online business, proprietary

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