Virgil POPA


Valahia University of Târgoviște


We continue in this article our study in SCM, volume 8, issue 2.
To substantiate our approach to proposing a value measurement formula to the consumer, we will
present in Part Two (in this article some theoretical, literature-related points that relate to new consumer value valences: value creation, co- value creation, customer value-based co-creation, customer experience (CX), customer engagement, low value flow, and low consumption. Customer value from the consumer’s perspective (value for the shopper and consumer) is highlighted the value generated by a product or service of the company, as it is perceived by the customer End-to-End Value Chain.
Eating at home is no longer synonymous with cooking from scratch. Today’s definition includes almost any combination of the following: every stage of meal time — preparation, cooking, eating, and cleaning up — presents opportunities to help customers. Lunch is the meal most often eaten away from home — but it’s also the meal with the greatest potential for emphasizing the cost advantages of sourcing from the supermarket. Lunch also gives retailers the chance to tap the potential for building sales around both at-home and away-from- home occasions.


customer value, consumer, Easter lunch, value co-creation, customer experience, customer engagement, customer-driven value co-creation, lean consumption

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