Marta Starostka-Patyk


Czestochowa University of Technology
Faculty of Management


The ongoing globalization and the growing scale of production, together with environmental degradation, imply the necessity of introducing the concept of sustainable development into the management strategy of contemporary enterprises. This implementation is intended not only to better plan and direct the development of these enterprises, but also to create an economic, social and environmental order. This is particularly important in the activities of manufacturing enterprises, whose activity is based primarily on products, material resources used for their production, technological processes, distribution and sales, as well as after-sales service and possibilities of end product development or re-use of materials.
The cognitive gap regarding reverse logistics of defective products in the management of production enterprises is noticeable in the literature on the subject. This issue has not yet been sufficiently developed or studied in depth. Striving to fill the literature gap in terms of terminology, essence and the indication of the practical application of reverse logistics processes in managing flows of defective products in manufacturing enterprises has become the premise to take up the topic of this paper. The work is focused on the theoretical presentation, on the base of the literature review, the reverse logistics processes and possibilities to manage the defective products as the content of reverse flow.


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