University of Szczecin


Green business practices have been considered in literature and business practice for many years. The presented considerations are aimed at introducing issues and topic related to the assessment of the green supply chain. Selected case studies in the automotive industry were used to illustrate the subject. The aim of the analysis is to evaluate the green supply chain in a broad context. The implementation of the objectives will be based on the case studies (based on the literature). The paper indicates the most commonly used tools for assessing the green supply chain, practical examples taking into account the above instrument and reference of management theory to assessing the green supply chain. The last part of the considerations are case studies, selected as one of many to describe the situation of assessment of the performance measurement of the green supply chain in the automotive industry. The limited character of the text allowed only to indicate the most important elements and success factors of the green supply chain as well as the measurement elements used to evaluate this chain in the presented industry.


assessment models, green supply chain, case studies, automotive industries

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