Mancosa Graduate School of Business,

16 Samora Machel St, Durban Central,

Durban, 4001, SOUTH AFRICA

Christo Abraham Scheepers


The research sought to investigate supermarket franchising as business opportunities for entrepreneurs within the South African retail industry. The research problem proposed that starting and owning a business raised a number of challenges, without even taking macro-economic factors into consideration. It is further perceived that supermarket franchising was not well suited for entrepreneurs due to its rigidity and lack of freedom. The research is significant for three reasons: the research will shed light on the supermarket franchise system; it will enlighten both the franchisor and franchisee; and it will inform government of the issues faced by business owners. The research was exploratory in nature and adopted a qualitative research method using in-depth semi- structure interviews. The interviews were conducted with ten existing supermarket franchisees who were either part or sole owners of the business. The research found evidence that the supermarket franchise industry offered a number of good business opportunities, provided the individuals possessed the right skills and personality. The study also found that government were a significant hindrance in the growth of this sector. A number of recommendations were made to government, the franchisor, and potential franchisees. As this study did not consider all potential supermarket franchise groups, there is scope for further research which should also include the franchisor as a research participant.


branding; economic growth; entrepreneurship; franchising; supermarkets

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